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What color shoes do I wear with a navy dress with white polka dots for a summer outdoor wedding?

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I am attending a Saturday night outdoor wedding in September.  Do you think a Navy dress with white polka dots is appropriate? It is more like a sundress - but a tiny bit more dressy.  If so, what type of jewelry and more importantly what color shoes??  Thank you!!
asked 3 years ago by anonymous

3 Answers

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If you would like to follow a subtle nautical look, choose navy or white shoes but if you would like to make your outfit pop, get yourself a pair of fun red, silver or gold shoes that really bring out the fun yet stylish look.
answered 3 years ago by suzumi (18,600 points)
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You can wear black heels, white, brown or cream colored shoes.
answered 2 years ago by mango (1,550 points)
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black shoes...
answered 2 years ago by Brienne (6,020 points)

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