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What color shoes, bag and accessories should I wear with a lime green dress?

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asked 3 years ago by fashionstylemaven (23,650 points)

7 Answers

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Lime green is a beautiful bright colour that can certainly grab a lot of (positive) attention.

If you would really like to make the outfit pop, pair it with emerald green, sky blue or yellow. If you would like to subdue it a little, pair it with a light peach colour, light grey, light beige or a shade just a touch darker than the dress.
answered 3 years ago by suzumi (18,600 points)
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You can use earth colors like tan and brown. Your bag, shoes and accessories should not be the same color with your dress.
answered 2 years ago by apple2 (5,330 points)
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For your shoes - i prefer white or silver..
For your bag - white or silver as well
Accessories - black beaded necklace or  a silver/white gold elegant necklace with diamonds will be perfect..
answered 2 years ago by blitzrheigne (27,130 points)
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Nude colors or caramel colors would complement well...
answered 2 years ago by Franczes (9,950 points)
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black or brown, i guess....
answered 2 years ago by Brienne (6,020 points)
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Black Brown or light pinks will do for this...
answered 2 years ago by danica (34,170 points)
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you may try shades of green, black or browns for shoes, bags and accessories...
answered 2 years ago by dennise (36,470 points)

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