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Is it ever appropriate for a woman to wear pants to a wedding?

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asked 3 years ago by emma (2,650 points)

6 Answers

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yes, it's perfectly fine. To tell you the truth, my cousin in going to have a wedding the end of this month. As long as she dosen't ask me to be a bridesmaid(which I'm sure she won't) I am just going to wear a shirt and shirt. Maybe even just jeans and a tee. I don't dress up but once a week, and that's torture enough. lol
Dressy clothes are binding, at least to me they are.
answered 3 years ago by LindaHull (2,130 points)
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If you mean dress slacks, then yes it is okay as long as you pair them with a dressy top. However, if you are referring to jeans/denims then I would say NO it's not appropriate. Weddings are very special occasions. The bride and groom spend many months preparing for this special day, including picking the perfect wedding gown and tuxedo. I recommend that wedding guests should show the courtesy of dressing up for this special occasion. :)
answered 3 years ago by fashionstylemaven (23,650 points)
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Jeans are not appropriate to formal occasions. If you put on a formal blouse over slacks, then it is just okay to wear them on weddings.
answered 2 years ago by v8carrot (1,620 points)
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yes, this is okay...
answered 2 years ago by Franczes (9,950 points)
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There is no problem if you wear pants to a wedding
answered 2 years ago by Danaia (6,490 points)
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yes it is acceptable to wear pants on weddings
answered 2 years ago by dennise (36,470 points)

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